The Lincoln Institute specialises in supporting business leaders and teams to gain a competitive edge.

Our unique, cutting-edge programs will directly impact your business through higher levels of accountability, staff engagement, productivity and reduced departure rates.

Business owners will enjoy improved financial returns, reduced management load and far less stress in leading an organisation the Lincoln way.

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At Lincoln we know that the main thing that really distinguishes your business from your competitor is your people - we specialise in creating high performing teams to give you a competitive edge.

Lincoln's leadership development programs are developed and delivered by people who have been highly successful in business themselves - we have 'walked the talk' from small business through to the corporate sector.

At Lincoln we recognise that the business landscape is now fundamentally different than it was even 10 years ago - the old leadership model no longer works, and our talent is supporting business to make a successful transition.

At Lincoln we deliver leadership development programs that provide ongoing education and support for the business leaders as well driving personal leadership, engagement and accountability in the entire team.

The Lincoln Institute is constantly refining it's programmes to ensure a measurable return on investment – more stable, productive teams as well as more profitable & competitive businesses with minimal owner input.

At the Lincoln Institute we can show you that any person, at any level in the organisation can become an effective leader through application of a set of simple and easy to implement contemporary leadership principles.

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October 25 2017

In October’s Vet News, Part 1 Effective Team Meetings, we explored some common meeting challenges and then detailed three examples of meeting styles that are sure to be a hit in your practice. This month we are going to look at four top tips on how to ensure our meetings are an engaging experience for all and that we tap fully into the rich diversity of thinking within our teams. Tip #1 Is everyone participating or just the “usual few”? Are we setup for everyone to be....CONT'D